Artist Mentorship Program

In 2022, USLAF launched the artist mentorship program to support an intergenerational skill exchange amongst six pairs of visual artists.The recipients took an expansive approach to considering what a skill exchange can entail in relation to the specific needs of their practices. 

Click on the headshots below to learn more about each exchange.

2023-2024 Participants

Roxana Barba & Daniel Arturo Almeida
Jessica Fuentes & Christian Cruz
Natalia Villanueva Linares & Alan Poma
Shellyne Rodriguez & Roy Baizan
Jimena Sarno & Julia Masvernat
Frisly Soberanis & Génesis Mancheren Ab’äj

Fall 2022 Participants

Fernando Andrade and Guadalupe Hernandez 
Juan-Carlos Perez and Josh Friedman 
Pepe Coronado and Palén Obesa

Winter 2022 Recipients 

Sandra de la Loza and Jessica Gudiel
Elsa Muñoz and Juan Molina Hernandez
Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez and Sydney Rahimtoola