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Frisly Soberanis and Génesis Mancheren Ab’äj

Project Details

Génesis and Frisly met to work on 3-D modeling exercises with Vision OS, Apple’s language for the mixed media world and virtual world. Both Genesis and Frisly previously worked together and have cultivated a friendship and mentorship relationship over the years. Throughout their research-based exchange, Frisly and Génesis experimented with the tools in order to understand how VR and AR capabilities have expanded. They documented their exchange using a website that includes images, gifs and an hour long conversation between Génesis and Frisly. 

The website can be viewed here:


Génesis Mancheren Ab’äj (they/them) is a Queer, non-binary Kaqchikel actor and filmmaker, born and raised in New York City. As a screenwriter and director, they are interested in exploring Kaqchikel contemporary stories that include the supernatural, the surreal and the absurd. 

Génesis completed their first short film called Terrible Angel in November of 2022, in which a young woman is reunited with one of her ancestors that guides her into the afterlife through a ritual of care. They are co-founder of Tierra Narrative (TN), an independent production house that focuses on Central American cinema and literature through programming and production. Génesis is currently developing TN’s first feature film, Dólar. In 2022, they participated in Cine Qua Non Storylines Lab and they are a 2023 Sundress Academy for the Arts resident and fellow.

Frisly Soberanis is a director and video artist, from Queens, New York via Guatemala. His work explores separation, distance and the migrant experience. He has received support from E4FC’s Fuse fund, Tribeca Film Institute’s New Media Prototype Fund, Culturestrike and the Nelson Mandela Foundation. He is one of the Open Society’s Photo Documentary Fellows. The last project he worked on, the Family Reunions Project, was a 360 video/ virtual reality project that explored the layers of reality, memories and messages. It has shown at ENCUENTRO @ el Centro de Cultura Digital (CCDMX) in Mexico City and during the Moving Walls 25 Exhibit.His other work has been shown at the Hilversum Museum and Tribeca Family Day.