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Resources that USLAF has created include data on current and past organizations that have supported Latinx art; lists of art history professors at degree-granting M.A. and Ph.D. programs; and current Ph.D. students specializing in Latinx art across disciplines. 

Articles by USLAF Executive Committee Members 

Rose Salseda, “Creating Equity in Academia for Latinx Art History,” Latin American & Latinx Visual Culture (2019) 1 (30): 87-91

Adriana Zavala, “Latin@ Art at the Intersection,” Aztlan: Journal of Chicano Studies (2015) 40 (1): 125-140. 

Annual Conference of the College Art Association (CAA) 

Updated Data and Curated List of 2019 CAA Sessions

Updated Data and Curated List of 2018 CAA Sessions

Statement and Curated Lists for 2018 CAA Sessions and PST: LA/LA Exhibitions

Updated Data and Curated List of 2017 CAA Sessions

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