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Natalia Villanueva Linares and Alan Poma

Project Details

A shared interest in the usage of codification for story telling sparked Natalia Villanueva Linares and Alan Poma’s skill exchange. Alan sought to invent new myths inspired by cave paintings found in the Andean mountains of Peru. Natalia has created a system of symbols she uses as partitions, called Poematics, for her collective performances. Natalia helped Alan develop a taxonomy of forms and sensations informed by her practice and her recent work. In turn, Alan taught Natalia to create unique sounds for her partitions guided by his knowledge in creating sound base experiences.

To document their exchange, Natalia and Alan created an infinite page with the documentation of their exchanges with notes Natalia made and a video made by Alan from their meetings: 

Note: the infinite page can only be navigated with a computer. A PDF link to the project can be found here: Natalia + Alan – Documentation


Natalia Villanueva Linares is a maker currently living in Chicago. She graduated with highest honors from the National School of Fine Arts of Paris and works between North + South America and Europe. Her work has been shown in two major exhibitions at the Palais des Beaux Arts in Paris. She exhibited at the Sala Miro Quesada Garland in Peru (2013), the Collège des Bernardins in Paris (2018). Natalia had her first solo exhibitions with Doyang Lee Gallery (France 2014) DPM gallery (Ecuador 2019), Wu Gallery (Peru 2021), Comfort Station in Chicago (2022). Her solo show at the Museo de Arte de San Marcos in 2022 won the Luces Award for best solo exhibition. In 2023 she exhibited at DePaul Art Museum, Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, El Lobi (Puerto Rico) as well as the School of the Art Gallery (Canada). In 2024, she has been awarded the Sculpture Fellowship by Illinois Arts Council.

Natalia is a cultural worker, she co-founded the non-profit organization Yaku in Peoria IL. She is the former Director of the artist-run mini mansion High Place and founder of the Ukayzine, a magazine created to promote international cultural exchanges through the visual Arts.

Alan Poma (Lima, Peru) is a sound artist and performer living in Los Angeles recognized for projects that integrate video, experimental music, and writing. Since 2011, he has explored the connection between Andean culture and avant-garde traditions through the concept of “Andean Futurism.” He has worked with artists from different fields in his adaptation of the cubo-futurist Russian opera “Victory Over the Sun” (2017) and produced a multimedia installation at MATE (Peru 2018) as a result of a residency at Delfina Foundation, focused on the experimental play “Enemy of the Stars.”

As a culmination of these experiences, he published “The Andean Futurist Manifesto” in 2019, outlining a non-linear methodology for envisioning Andean futures, thus solidifying the concept of Andean Futurism. He design the multimedia piece “Tukhu” for Qgaleria (Ecuador 2020).

In 2023, he exhibited a video installation at Wu Galeria (Peru) with the collective Lxs Demonixs del Ande. The same year in Los Angeles he performed at Human Resources and collaborated with artist Eamon Ore-Giron on a performance at James Cohan Gallery (New York). In 2024, he performed a composition commissioned by Los Angeles Nomadic Division and curated by Lapau Gallery at Augustus Hawkins Nature Park.

Poma has also served as visiting faculty at the California Institute of the Arts (2021-2023) and has lectured on Andean Futurism at institutions including the Institute for Studies on Latin American Art in New York City (2024), Emily Carr University (Canada 2023), Portland State University (USA 2022), and the University of Gothenburg (Sweden 2017).