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Las Nietas de Nonó

Puerto Rico

CHARLA: Alimentos de Poder

Recognizing and honoring the interconnected relationship between memory and food, we are urged to explore in an intimate conversation: What transformations associated with food and spirituality have been challenging as Black Caribbeans in a colonial context? How do we imagine the decolonization of food in our communities of origin? What strategies do we move forward to gain food sovereignty? What role does art play in this scenario? We will be having conversations with Eliazar Ortiz, conducted through handwritten letters sent via postal service.


The sisters, mulowayi and mapenzi are Las Nietas de Nonó. Their artistic practices stem from the Afro-Diasporic experience in the island-colony context highlighting circumstances and elements that are present in their neighborhoods: the expansion of ancestral knowledge, the exchange of food grown, and the reuse of found materials. In their creative process, they evoke personal archives to expose the systematic oppressions that Black communities have lived through generations. The work of Las Nietas de Nonó is fueled by the intersection of experimental theater, activism, ecology, emancipatory education, and food.