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Vincent Valdez

Visual artist and painter

Houston, TX

Vincent Valdez

Instagram @vincentvaldez77

I create images as instruments to ignite public remembrance. To counter the fog of social amnesia that incites our fateful desire to repeat history. I offer this work as a report, my visual testimony about transformation, hope, love and survival in twenty-first century America.

Vincent Valdez (he/him; b.1977, San Antonio, TX) is recognized for his monumental portrayal of the contemporary figure. His drawn and painted subjects remark on a universal struggle within various socio-political arenas and eras. He states, “My aim is to incite public remembrance and to counter the distorted realities that I witness, like the social amnesia that surrounds us all.”

Valdez received a full scholarship to study at the Rhode Island School of Design, and earned his BFA in 2000. A recipient of the Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant for Painters and Sculptors (2016), as well as residencies at the Skowhegan School of Painting (2005), the Vermont Studio Center (2011) and the Kunstlerhaus Bethania Berlin Residency (2014), Valdez currently lives and works in Houston and Los Angeles. 

Exhibitions and Collections include: The Ford Foundation, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, MassMoca, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, The Smithsonian Museum of American Art, and The National Portrait Gallery, among others.

He is represented by Matthew Brown Los Angeles.

Selected Works

A crowded bar scene shows Anglo sailors attacking Mexican-American men wearing zoot suits and women. The focal point of the composition is a Pachuco and a sailor fighting, their faces covered in blood. A banner hovers near their legs, reading “Zootsuit Riots, 1943.” The middle ground of the composition places an injured woman cradling a shirtless man between them.
A bald man with light facial hair is wearing a gray suit with a black-t-shirt underneath. His hands are clasped in front of him and he stands in the street between two tall buildings.
A man with brown skin and tattoos faces the viewer with his hands clasped below his chest. He is wearing a single gold chain and stands against an abstracted background with color gradients of light blue and pink.