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Vick Quezada

Northampton, MA

CHARLA: Relics of an Inquisition

Is an art show and talk about the works by Vick Quezada. The works queer the archaeological through hybrid forms and aesthetics. Inspired by the guiding principles of Aztec Philosophy, Quezada integrates the theory of interconnected matter and how it’s embedded in the cosmos, planet earth, ecology, and all lifeforms. Through Rasquache art, ceramics and drawings Quezada forwards their beliefs that humans, biological matter cannot be governed by sovereign powers as they are inherently queer and infinte.


Vick Quezada (they/them) was raised in El Paso, TX along the U.S/Mexico Border. Quezada received a BA from UTEP and graduated with an MFA from UMass Amherst. Quezada has exhibited in their work across the Northeast: NYU Flex Space, Smith College-Nolen, The Mead Art Museum, and they will be featured in an upcoming show at El Museo del Barrio in New York City. Quezada was formerly artist-in-residence at the Latinx Project NYU and is currently a fellow at the Leslie Lohman Museum in NYC. In 2018, Quezada had the opportunity to curate Five takes on African Art with Fred Wilson. Their works is featured on the cover of Transgender Studies Quarterly 6.4, Bomb Magazine: Traversing Fertile Histories, and The Believer Magazine, Off Brand Video.