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Vick Quezada

Interdisciplinary artist

Northampton, MA


Instagram @vickquezada

I hope to create counter narratives that are brown, two spirit, and queer that go beyond settler myths, binaries, and borders.

Vick Quezada is an interdisciplinary artist that explores hybrid forms in Indigenous-Latinx history and the function of these histories in contested lands, primarily in the US-Mexico border region. They work with a variety of mediums: video, sculpture, and ceramics. They incorporate man-made and natural elements, like dirt, soil, flora, corn, and combine them with found objects like bricks, reclaimed trash, chains, and barbed wire. Quezada categorically is a Rascuache Chicanx artist, one who repurposes and stylizes found objects. Their work explores liberation through an approach that is rooted in queer and Aztec Indigenous knowledge, histories, and aesthetics.

Quezada holds a BA from the University of Texas at El Paso and an MFA from UMass Amherst. Their work has been exhibited across the Northeast and featured in Hyperallergic, BOMB Magazine, Transgender Studies Quarterly, and Remezcla. Quezada’s work is included in El Museo del Barrio’s current exhibition La Trienal 20/21. Quezada has been in residency at Vermont Studio and this summer will be attending MassMoca’s Assets for Artists residency, North Adams, MA.

Selected Works

A baseball cap with two beer cans and a straw is fastened to the skull of a mammal.
Ceramic cafeteria trays in an array of earth tones form a grid on a white wall.
Paddles of a cactus emerge from a leather harness surrounded by ropes that have been loosely braided together.