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Verónica Gaona


Verónica Gaona (b. 1994) is an interdisciplinary artist from Brownsville, Texas, a city along the U.S. México border, living and working in Houston. Gaona investigates notions of migration, architecture, and death by conducting location-driven research across the Texas-México border landscape. Considering the voices of displaced and exploited communities, Gaona materializes characteristics of diaspora such as transnationality and impermanence to redress traditional approaches to memorialization. Her artwork exists at the intersection of installation, performance, digital media, and sculpture and it brings to the foreground labor and spatial issues at play. In 2021, she was the recipient of the prestigious national Artadia Award. In 2022, she will participate as a panelist in Monumentality in Art: Memory, History, and Impermanence in Diaspora at the CAA conference in Chicago.