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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

CHARLA: ONTO Puesta en Circulación Pub 2: Arte y Capital + Conversatorio

It will be our third issue’s release party with a public conversation between the co-editors David Puig (Ediciones De A Poco), Julianny Ariza Vólquez and José Morbán (ONTO), moderated by Maurice Sánchez from the Pardo editorial platform. This number deals with the relation between money and art communities in the Caribbean, composed of interviews to gallerists, fair directors and independent space managers. Also essays about artists pensions, self-managing and alternative practices of art production. This issue compiles opinions and experiences of artists, curators and other cultural agents around the spaces with which they interact, to create a cohesive set that tackles recurrent concerns in the region and possible proposals to better the understanding of the economy behind art. The conversation will be an hour long ZOOM stream about editorial projects during the pandemic and how our production has been affected. With this Charla we want to share reflections about the writings included and its relations to our current times, fostering interaction with the public to answer their comments and questions to help to consolidate Onto as a platform for art workers in the Caribbean and its surroundings.


Onto is an arts publication envisioned by a group of artists and cultural managers that was launched in the first half of 2015. Attempts to contribute some ingredients we believe are missing in the artistic panorama in the Dominican Republic, among them, the lack of specialized publications, and the difficulties associated with a deficient institutionalization. We aim to become a place for gathering and exchange between the different agents of the visual arts of the Dominican and international cultural scene, stressing the Latin context, and encouraging dialogues and debates in order to contrast concerns as well as to foster networking. In short, the main goal is about creating a critical publication, in the sense that echoes the reality / context of its participants, with the intention of actively transforming it. Currently our team consists of: Dominican-United Statiatesan artists based in NY, Joiri Minaya and Javier María, Dominican artists based in Santo Domingo, Julianny Ariza Vólquez and José Morbán, and Spanish art historian and investigator living in Madrid, Rubén Coll. Estudio Ele Siete and Ediciones De A Poco collaborated with the project.