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Las Nietas de Nonó

Multidisciplinary artists

San Antón, Carolina, Puerto Rico

Las Nietas de Nonó

Instagram @lasnietasdenono

In our creative process, we evoke ancestral memory through personal archives. Our practice incorporates performance, found objects, organic materials, ecology, fiction, video and installation.

The afro-diasporic siblings, mulowayi (she/her) and mapenzi (they/them), are Las Nietas de Nonó

In 2016, they created Ilustraciones de la Mecánica, a multimedia installation that was also commissioned by the 10th Berlin Biennial (2018) and the 79th Whitney Biennial (2019). They have received the United States Artist Award (2018), The Art of Change from the Ford Foundation (2017), and the Global Arts Fund from the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice (2017 & 2020). La Nietas de Nonó are the recipients of the 2022 Rome Prize in Visual Art at the American Academy in Rome. Their art has been shown in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Ecuador, the United States, England, Norway, Scotland, and Germany. In 2019, they co-founded Parceleras Afrocaribeñas, an organization run by Black womxn, where spaces for environmental and racial justice are created in the face of industrial developments that threaten their barrio of San Antón, in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

Las Nietas de Nonó are currently based in Italy, as recipients of the Rome Prize Fellowship in Visual Arts at the American Academy in Rome. They are also preparing for an upcoming solo exhibition in New York City.

Selected Works