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Interdisciplinary artist

New York, NY


Instagram @koyoltzintli

I explore the sonic and oral traditions that have populated the Americas for millennia, as a way to repair, reclaim and reimagine temporalities of healing, tell stories across time, space and the body. 

I see the body as a vessel for the most primal creative force, and I know the necessity to dream inter-species and co-create with the earth.

I am interested in the performative maps that the body stores, specifically in connection to ancestral technologies, ecology, sound and resilience, which I explore through a variety of mediums such as photography, performance, ceramics and sound objects.

Koyoltzintli (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist, a healer and educator living in the USA. She grew up on the pacific coast and the Andean mountains in Ecuador, these are geographies that permeate in her work. She focuses on sound, geopoetics, ancestral technologies, ritual and storytelling through collaborative processes and personal narratives. Intersectional theories, and earth-based healing informs her practice. Nominated for Prix Pictet in 2019, her work has been exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC, the United Nations, Aperture Foundation in NYC, and Paris Photo, among others. She has been an artist in residence in the US, France, and Italy and has taught at CalArts, SVA, ICP, and CUNY. Rivadeneira has received multiple awards and fellowships including the Photographic Fellowship at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris, NYFA Fellowship, and the IA grant by the Queens Council of the Arts. Her first monograph Other Stories was published in 2017 by Autograph ABP, her work was featured in the Native issue of Aperture Magazine (no. 240). in 2021, her work was included in the book Latinx Photography in the United States by Elizabeth Ferrer, chief curator at BRIC.

Selected Works

An illustrated image of a man with dark hair and brown skin sitting near a fire is superimposed over a photograph of a body of water enclosed by rolling hills. Illustrated images of wildlife, such as vultures, birds, rabbits, and llamas surround the man.
At the center of a rocky, desert landscape two hands appear from behind a large stone as if to embrace it.
A video screen displays an abstracted image of a person playing an instrument. Nearby, shelves display four ceramic instruments and an instrument made of carved wood and shells.