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Daisy Quezada Ureña

Santa Fe, NM

 CHARLA: Untitled (Accumulation)

This project intends to amplify conversation through sculpting clay forms that reflect a presence in New Mexico’s social and cultural spaces, in dialogue with the national. Engaging with the youth across underrepresented areas of Northern New Mexico and immersing our hands in earth, we seek innovative knowledge that reflects and hopes to transform. Select themes explore what truth was found in the self during the time of COVID. The final works will be displayed across libraries in the surrounding communities. 


Daisy Quezada Ureña is a visual artist and educator based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Within her practice she creates ceramic works and installations that speak to identity and place in relation to social structures that cross between imposed borders. Quezada Ureña has worked alongside nonprofit organizations like El Otro Lado/The Other Side and Downtown Aurora Visual Arts which impact local communities by bringing art to youth. In 2016 Quezada Ureña co-founded Present Cartographers, a collective invested in the reflection of border-zone geographies and language. Most recent publications include Terreno: Borderland Linguistics and bosque brotatne. Quezada Ureña’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at The Denver Art Museum, Summerhall (Edinburg, Scotland), New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum (New Taipei Taiwan), Icheon Ceramics Festival (Icheon South Korea), and the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts (Wuhan, China). At the Institute of American Indian Arts she is faculty in the Studio Arts Department.