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Adriana Corral

Houston, TX

CHARLA: Requiem

The proposed CHARLA is a one hour zoom conversation between Adriana Corral, Vincent Valdez, and Adriana Zavala. This discussion focuses on the collaborative site-specific installation Requiem, created by Vincent and Adriana (Corral). The piece debuted in the exhibition Suffering From Realness, at MASS MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts in 2019–2020. The conversation will unpack the various layers of the three-year project. Beginning with the inception of the work and how it connects to our current social/political climate, fabrication, site-specificity, procession performance, the significance behind the dates/texts submitted and the time capsule embedded inside of the bronzed eagle. This conversation will grant each of the participants the opportunity to expand on the creation and conceptual nature of the work and elevate its relevance to the 21st century challenges being faced.


Adriana Corral’s subjects are framed by human rights abuses, memory and erased historical narratives. Corral’s work is rooted by her experiences from her birthplace of El Paso, Texas in which she examines the nuances of immigration, citizenship, economic trade, labor, public health, and policies from a local to national and international level.