The Charla Fund

The CHARLA Fund, part of the Mazorca Initiative, offers a flexible and open-ended format that enables artist-recipients to have creative, challenging, supportive, and unconventional conversations with fellow artists and other artworkers and between the field of visual art and other disciplines. 

For the initiative’s first round, proposals were solicited by nomination from arts leaders located across the United States and Puerto Rico. Proposals were then selected based on the recommendations of an external advisory board comprising world-class artists, scholars, and curators who share a commitment to enhancing equity in the art world and represent a range of perspectives based on their diverse art practices, areas of specializations, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and regions they live and work.

  • Diana Solís

    Diana Solís

    CHARLA: WE OWN IT (with Sandra Oviedo aka Colectivo Multipolar and Martín Sorrondeguy) The proposed CHARLA Is a 45 minute video conversation between Diana Solís, Sandra Oviedo aka ColectivoMultipolar, Martin Sorrondeguy. The discussion focuses on the photographic work and histories of three queer Chicago-based photographers. The conversation will talk about the intersections of working within…


  • Saúl Hernández-Vargas

    Saúl Hernández-Vargas

    CHARLA: Long, endless, sharp, that line / Larga, inabarcable, afilada, esa línea This radio-essay explores the materiality of the US-Mexico Border—drawn in 1849 by a binational group of engineers and surveyors. Departing from the archive of this experience, this conversation will struggle with documents produced and written by that group of historical agents. This radio-essay…