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Kasey-Lynn Rodriguez

CHARLA: Parenting/Aesthetic

My Charla proposal was to explore other parents who are creatives and how they balance the way they live, work and take care of their children. I spoke to Brian “B*Star” Ramos through a Zoom call about our different backgrounds and mediums to discuss what parenting looks like and how we can use a little more kindness from society and ourselves. I wanted to create and honor a space for us to be open and honest with ourselves and others about the real experiences of parenthood. Many times, we hide the real story and blanket it with “parenting is hard”, but so is being an artist. The purpose of this Charla was inspired by my rocky start into Motherhood and my experience these past 2 years postpartum. Because Brian has been a father for a few more years longer than I have, I was able to gain more insight and learn more about him as the person Brian, and not just the artist B*Star. Our common interests and age group allowed us to connect more on an artistic level as well because our mediums are not far off from each other. Musically, Brian creates a narrative through words and melodies which will then be transformed into a mental visual once listening to it. My work allows for the narrative to be created through visually stunning colors, patterns and places that become a moment in time.


Kasey-Lynn Rodriguez is a Latina Visual Artist and Photographer. She uses the creative aspects of her hometown, The Bronx, NY as a base for her documentary photography. With her ongoing untitled series about the Bronx, she allows for the viewer to take a step into a time and place showcasing each area’s less than “beautiful” features while highlighting the boroughs as a whole. As a Photographer, Kasey-Lynn goes by the pseudonym Kasinator. Kasinator takes raw and real images of a borough that is often misunderstood. A self-taught Photographer, Kasey graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography and Video in 2016. She creates handmade self-published Books and Zines, many of which includes her photographs from different projects that reflect the essence of each image included. Her photography has led her to work for The Bronx Times Newspaper and A.R.T.S.Y. Magazine. Kasey’s images have been featured in an array of physical and online publications and has 6 cover stories with The Bronx Times Newspaper. She has taught students ranging from Middle and High School to her peers as a Teaching assistant in an array of art classes from Zine and Collage making to Intro to Photography in a few schools around New York City and the School of Visual Arts. As a newly seasoned mother, Kasey is currently working on a series about the unconventional truths surrounding Motherhood and portraiture that uncovers womanhood and other themes of the Female Gaze. Her portfolio of work is expanding through new layers, ideas and narratives that express the mind of a young millennial creative.